Welcome to the 2nd Annual Bike & Surf California!
June 18th-July 2nd
Help Us Raise $10,000 for the American Cancer Society
Welcome to the 2nd Annual Bike & Surf California.  As many of you know, last May Scott and Mike rode 600 miles down the coast of California towing their surfboards and all of their gear.  Why did we do that?  As surfers, we are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact we have as we drive up and down the coast looking for surf. As a result we wanted to take a surfing road trip down the coast of California in an environmentally friendly way. Through the journey, we were able to bring attention to others regarding the many environmental issues that face our coast. We were completely self-sufficient on our trip, meaning we towed all of our gear boards using an Equinox Trailer and a Quiver Kaddy.

We are proud to say ALL of the donated surf gear we used on the trip was made from the latest in sustainable materials.  Thanks to all of our many sponsors who helped us on this journey, and who share our commitment to the environment.  Please support them by visiting their websites and buying their eco-friendly products.

how to get your ex back Last year, thanks to auto accident attorneys in Fresno California and the best tree care service in the Phoenix AZ metro, we were also able to raise $2,700 for the American Cancer Society.  This year, we want to take more people on the ride, and raise

This year we are excited to bring along Laura Birshan and Greg Gaiera.

We are excited about our upcoming adventure and hope that we can take you with us.  Whether you donate money like California Car Accident Lawyers, get others to donate money, or join us on the ride, we are committed to reaching our goal this year.  Please e-mail us at info@bikeandsurfcalifornia.com, or visit our sponsors Anaheim Car Accident Lawyers site to keep informed of what we are doing and to join in any way you can.